The future of AI-powered

Autonomous Driving Technology

Roadlink is an AI-powered autonomous driving technology that analyzes a vehicle's surroundings, allowing for Level-5 autonomy (Full Driving Automation).

Our platform combines various sensors on the vehicle to deliver a complete data visualization of the surrounding 3D environment. The sensors observe the surroundings, the software plots a safe path through it, while Roadlink connects them all together.

Roadlink is pioneering the future of

Autonomous AI



Roadlink's ability to establish its precise physical location - down to centimeter-level - is dependent on localization. Our multi-sensor integration approach generates large datasets that allow us to comprehend the static environment around us and deliver essential information for safe driving.



Our Perception module combines the benefits of a heuristic approach with deep learning models to improve performance while maintaining the vehicles' safety and operational redundancy. Our multi-sensor fusion technology, which automatically harnesses trustworthy sensor data depending on varied environmental or driving circumstances, further enhances performance capability.



The Prediction module uses various inputs, including Perception output, raw sensor data, and data from prior road agent decisions, to project how other vehicles, pedestrians, and objects may move or behave. The Prediction module generates a set of anticipated trajectories for each road agent, each with a probability of occurrence.



To choose the best course of action, Roadlink analyzes all of the data it receives, from its highly detailed maps to what items are nearby and where they might travel. It instantaneously calculates the precise trajectory, speed, lane, and steering actions required to travel safely.



A complete set of supporting infrastructure is required for successful implementation and scaling of Roadl. We have established a robust foundation that drives rapid iteration, scalable creation of a high-quality system, and efficient testing in all aspects of software and hardware development, from the real-time onboard system to off-vehicle data processing and management.



The fundamental guiding principles for our hardware solutions are excellent performance, high reliability, and deployment availability. Our engineers created Roadlink from the ground up, combining high-performance components with cutting-edge software to create a fully integrated full-stack solution. Hardware redundancies are installed in all driving and safety-critical aspects.

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