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Roadlink International Trading Limited is a technology startup specializing in artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning. Our AI-powered technology, strategically positioned in key growth areas, answers automation's biggest challenges and meets consumer demand for advanced technologies.

We believe Roadlink will generate limitless opportunities for local communities and international smart cities across the globe, generating billions of dollars in revenue. It will also create a life-changing world through safer roads and lower air pollution for future generations.

We are at the forefront of solving automation's most challenging problems, inventing and developing innovative technology for a safer, greener, and more connected world.

A brief history of Roadlink’s


Roadlink was founded in May 2016 with the primary mission to develop AI-powered autonomous driving technology that combines with self-driving vehicle systems to make autonomous driving a reality.

In July 2016, we received strategic funding from a local venture capital group and other financial backers in Shenzhen. The investment drove further innovation and expansion of our company ecosystem, including the growth and nurturing of our research and development division.

Throughout 2017 and 2018, the development of our technology evolved rapidly towards our target of an alpha product primed for testing stages.

By 2020, our Roadlink technology officially came out of stealth mode and moved closer to becoming a next-generation autonomous vehicle system that can scale and adapt to any driving situation. Consequently, we secured several partners for pilot testing of our technology.

In January 2022, we secured an additional $24 million in funding from our existing investors. The extra funds have fuelled our company growth, supported the advancement of our core product, and assisted us further on our journey towards our product launch.

Throughout 2022, we plan to package our Roadlink technology into a complete end-to-end system and finalize our pilot testing, ready for launch and commercialization, which we anticipate will happen in early 2023.

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