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Roadlink International Trading Limited is driven by a highly skilled and experienced team with engineering, robotics, machine learning, and artificial intelligence (AI) expertise. We continue to fundamentally transform how machines perceive and interpret visual information.

Our team of scientists and engineers is developing AI-powered autonomous driving technology from our offices in Shenzhen. Roadlink satisfies the stringent requirements for real-time, large-scale, and zero-error tolerance computer vision that advanced projects demand.

We promote a diverse, courageous, intelligent, innovative, open-minded team willing to challenge the system and solve issues successfully. It is important that we are all different, with diverse backgrounds and perspectives, but it is also critical that we share the same values.



Everything we do is based on a foundation of safety. As we progress towards our vision of autonomous transportation everywhere, we must do so responsibly and always keep safety in mind.



Our vision can only be realized with the help of others. We are a seasoned group of individuals that are both talented and experienced, and we achieve greatness together through teamwork.


AI Technology

We are firm believers in technology and are constantly searching for the next big thing. We want to bring autonomous transportation to everyone using the most recent advances in artificial intelligence.



We are proactive and take the initiative. We are empowered to drive change and are not afraid to challenge each other to get to the right answer.

If you wish to advance your career with us, please send your resume and cover letter and a member of our human resources team will reach out to you for an introductory chat.

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