Making autonomous driving a reality

Company Philosophy

Roadlink was founded in 2016, by a team of scientists and engineers with extensive automotive and AI expertise. Our mission is to develop AI-powered autonomous driving technology that combines with self-driving vehicle systems, making autonomous driving a reality.

We live by our

Core Values



At Roadlink, we prioritize safety. Training, communication, and strict adherence to our safety management plan all help to foster this culture.



We build connections based on honesty and trust, and we aim for ethical integrity in all we do. This involves treating all of our employees with dignity and respect and being open and honest with our customers.



We believe in a creative environment that encourages open, collaborative idea-sharing and empowers all employees to reach their full potential.



We create technology to reach emerging markets. Our platform will enhance social change and clear the way for a new age of economic development.

Our top priority is ensuring

Your safety

Our top priority is ensuring that Roadlink provides a safe driving experience
for individuals inside and outside of their vehicles.

  • Functional Safety Ensuring that electronic malfunctions do not pose an unacceptable threat to human life.
  • Operational Safety Conducting our vehicle tests in a secure environment while reducing the risks to other road users.
  • Cyber Security Ensuring the security of our technology against harmful cyber-attacks.
  • Data Protection Individual privacy is protected while we gather information during our system tests.
  • Crash Safety Protecting the reactive and proactive crash safety mechanisms of an autonomous vehicle

Contact us

If you have any queries regarding our technology or our company, please email our sales team at:

[email protected]