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The autonomous driving revolution will completely transform how modern infrastructure operates and generate limitless opportunities for smart cities across the globe. It will revolutionize the way we live, make roads safer and more efficient, and lower CO2 fuel emissions, creating a greener planet for future generations.

For this vision to become a reality, autonomous driving technology must advance and become more intelligent. It must be capable of adapting to new cities, terrains, and changing situations. It must adjust to the unanticipated and unknown and learn how to react in any situation.

Using a pure machine-learning method, our autonomous driving technology completely rethinks how to solve self-driving. As a result, a next-generation autonomous vehicle platform that can scale and adapt to any driving situation, anywhere in the globe, is being developed.

We introduce to you Roadlink.

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  • 1.3 million road deaths every year
  • 94% of road accidents due to human error
  • 50 million injuries a year in vehicle crashes

Roadlink allows vehicles to learn, collaborate, and interact with the world the same way humans do, without human intervention.

The unsupervised machine learning capabilities allow for a more complete, comprehensive, and exact interpretation of the car's surroundings in real-time. These features improve performance while costing 40% less and consuming 10x less energy.

Every year, roughly 1.3 million people die in car accidents around the world, with human error accounting for 94 percent of those fatalities. Roadlink has the potential to save lives by reducing road accidents caused by tiredness, distraction, failure to interpret the surroundings correctly, overly aggressive driving, and other common mistakes.

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